1. allegory

  2. A 2nd remix by Bassling (Jason Richardson) of my riding waves. In it, Bassling adds his deft bass to Lee Rosevere's percussion and vibraphone, my guitar and nofi's original track. This rounded-out full-on quartet performance creates unexpected harmonic convergences and becomes a whole (and real) band - thankfully without van politics, ego mastications and “yellow-M&Ms-only” rider demands.

    From the soundcloud track description:

    More on this 132nd Disquiet Junto project — “Collaborate with the late Jeffrey (Nofi) Melton using a previous tribute track” — at: disquiet.com/2014/07/10/disquie…osthumousnofitrio/

    (Source: westyreflector.net / BASSLINGsss)

  3. Enigmatic and multi-faceted South Carolina artist Kyle TM (thekyletm) layered soft-breaking white noise swells, seagull calls and a rhythmic water drop over a remix of my track “riding waves” by Tokyo-sound artist Naotko (Naoyuki Sasanami) for the 132nd Disquiet Junto challenge. Inasmuch as dreams are recursions of reality, the result here is a dream-state that expands on a story, grounding it in a new place and making a statement on the conscious filtering that makes up perception.

    From Kyle TM’s soundcloud track description:

    I liked the idea of reworking a rework of a rework from Disquiet Junto 0066: Naotko – Riding-waves-by-nofi-westy
    I was also drawn in by Westy Reflector’s philosophy for the track: Thereflectors – Riding-waves
    I thought the track could use some waves and added white noise wave sounds, seagulls (www.freesound.org/people/beejeeb13…4/sounds/197743/), and a percussive 4/4 water drop (www.freesound.org/people/Adam_N/sounds/166322/).

    Kyle TM
    simpli-fi creativity journal

  5. Nofi + Westy + LR - Riding High Waves [disquiet0132-posthumousnofitrio]" by Happy Puppy Records2

    Canadian musician, producer and label founder Lee Rosevere used my riding waves for the 132nd disquiet junto challenge, adding hi-hats, cymbals and triggered rhythmic vibraphone flourishes. His additions lend an elegance to the track, highlighting and engaging all sorts of spaces without causing any clutter.

    (Source: westyreflector.net / Happy Puppy Records2)

  6. Unmistakable release [disquiet0132-posthumousnofitrio]" by BASSLINGsss

    xclnt remix. bassling on bass + rust cohle on death + my "riding waves"

    (Source: westyreflector.net / BASSLINGsss)

  7. [a few words on] @mark_ward_: one moon appears everywhere

    “Fine Art trained” guitarist Mark Ward lives in Sheffield, UK, and his ambient electronica connects listeners to the serenity that inhabits every pastoral dream of the English countryside. He layers guitar with keyboards, field recordings and percussive loops, and filters with a gentle hand through software. His wonderful EP, One Moon Appears Everywhere, moves us through landscapes and textures, coming in and out of the foreground while mingling with and enhancing any thoughts that pop into our heads. The track Contentment is 12 minutes of hypnogogic tranquility, floating on a drone made from a rusting piano frame in an overgrown English meadow. No separation, indeed.

    From the liner notes:

    …the moon has never not been there, the light has never disappeared – light and dark are as one, death and life have no separation.

    His latest official single, E Minor Blues, at soundcloud and bandcamp, expands on aspects of his earlier output. The deceptively simple timing manipulation of 3 chords leads listeners through a fascinating series of caresses and disruptions, almost as if the chords are sentient and on journeys of self-discovery. That description might be a bit too new-agey for you hardened cupcakes, but deal with it. Give in to it. Let it all go…


    via: westyNet

  9. [a few words on] @wrenarthur: benchmark

    A close friend for years, Wren Arthur (no question one of my fav people ever), runs Olive Productions, the production company owned by Steve Buscemi and Stanley Tucci. Prior to this gig, she honed her production skills as a Producer for Robert Altman (yeah, that Altman) and remains a sought after actress in the highwire circles of independent NYC film and theater. And way before either of us were anything or even knew each other, Wren ran the day-to-day at Tortilla Flats on Washington Street, where she may or may not have kicked me out of the restaurant’s Elvis Room for not being “Borgnine enough.”

    Her most current project, Park Bench, a “talking show” hosted by Buscemi, is absolute deep, true New York City in the best way, an entertaining street-side diversion on the surface with an undertow of sneaky winking subversion. Try balancing that on the end of a fork.

    Episode #4: Benchmark with Rosanne Cash and Michael Shannon defines the semi-non-fiction Arthur and Buscemi set out to create. The episode’s disarming, blithe extra-real universe will infiltrate your subconscious and a few days out from viewing, you will flash back to one or two moments and smile, like you know a secret you’ll never spill. And then you’ll want to watch it again.

    There is an arc, so watch the series from the beginning. Your only penalty will be having to watch the episode above twice.

    Oh, and yesterday the series was nominated for an Emmy in Outstanding Short-Format Non-Fiction. Nice to know that I’m not crazy for thinking it’s special. Or that I’m just as insane and out of touch as Academy members. Either way, good on you, Wren!

    Wren Arthur:
    twitter (disclaimer: the beautiful brunette w/ Wren there is my wife, Cat) 
    pinterest (like, 200K+ followers for fux sake)

    (Source: westyreflector.net)

  11. [a few words on]

    @shredderghost is a delaware ambient / noise / post rock / thoroughly modern music maker whom i met via the disquiet junto. He revels in cassette manipulation is never afraid to defy the laws of guitar pedal placement.

    His tracks play in all types of guises. “Thicket” off his 2013 record “Strange Growth” sits in my listening wheelhouse as one of his, well, softer efforts, full of dream-laden reverse guitar lines on a bed of gravity-free floatation. Check out his latest (and flat-out provocative) work, too, at the links below.



  12. 20062014-the observer by stijnh http://flic.kr/p/nKZ13p

    20062014-the observer by stijnh http://flic.kr/p/nKZ13p

  13. l o o s e__c o n n e c t i o n s 019 from jmmykppl

    Loose_connections 019 - Bloch Bloch Bloch by Jmmykppl on Mixcloud

    a cloudcast series by one of my fav transmission artists, the indomitable @jmmykppl. this ep. features everything great about his work. and alveola.

    jmmykppl: http://soundcloud.com/jmmy-kpple

    alveola: http://soundcloud.com/alveola

    (Source: jmmykppl)

  14. http://flic.kr/p/nYw9G4ocean 02 (envelop) by losing.today
from portland, or, brian is one of my fav photographers. flawless composition and an acute perception of color and shading (yeah, i know this one is b&w. just follow him on flckr & twitter. :^D)

    ocean 02 (envelop) by losing.today

    from portland, or, brian is one of my fav photographers. flawless composition and an acute perception of color and shading (yeah, i know this one is b&w. just follow him on flckr & twitter. :^D)

  15. Latest from The Atlas Amp, the sonic alias of Germany-based ambient indie-rock guitarist and composer Chris Corrado. Released 14 May 2014.

    Enveloping, textural grand sweepscape. If you <3 ambient guitar, take a dive into his catalog.