1. Audrey Hepburn, from the public domain film “Charade,” remixed by Eclectic Method.

  2. "Who’s Johnny?" she said, and smiled in her special way."Johnny," she said, "you know I love you.""Who’s Johnny" she said, and tried to look the other way,still pretending…

    "Who’s Johnny?" she said, and smiled in her special way.
    "Johnny," she said, "you know I love you."
    "Who’s Johnny" she said, and tried to look the other way,
    still pretending…

  3. "I Guess" - Side B" by shredderghost

    another magnetic degradation into beauty from delaware’s shredderghost.


  4. Dos hombres cualquiera hablan sobre sus cosas en un parque cualquiera, porque realmente, la situación cada vez está peor…
    [Two ordinary men talk about their stuff in a ordinary park, because the situation is getting worse…]

    A snippet of my track she still echoes (like a summer) runs over the closing credits of a meditative short film called “Conversations,” directed by Jaume R. Lloret, which competed in Spain’s Jameson Notodo Film Festival. Also was selected for the Radio City Festival in the section “Valenciana Shorts” and a finalist in the Mostra de Cinema Jove of Elche. No spoilers, other than my track gets a scrolling credit…

    Jaume R. Lloret

    (Source: westyreflector.net)

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    Tags: echo & the bunnymen

    echo & the bunnymen - market town

  7. ethanhein:

    Teaching myself to play samples on pads MPC-style using slices of a George Harrison guitar solo. There’s also a sample of Dyke and the Blazers, and a 909 that I tried to play live as well.

  9. xclnt sonic adventures into the telecastasphere.

    via richard allen at a closer listen:

    Relentlessly upbeat, continuously jamming, and stuffed with surprises, it makes for a wonderful 50-minute drive. 


  10. Avant-garde and abstract expression are often low-hanging fruit for ridicule, tossed off as the butt of jokes while dismissed on as misplaced fealty to impracticality. Explaining the Junto is not always easy. A couple people – people who should know better – have said “it sounds like a cult,” after I entreated them to check it out.

    I told the last one, “Never mistake something cult for a cult. Anyway, what happened? You used to be so cool.”


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    / / / / / // / // / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / // /// // / / / / / / /// /// //// ////// /// // / / /// / / //


    In this special edition of loose_connections Jimmy Kipple Sound teams up with Daniel Rourke to noise the kipple paradigm; Rourke taking up the intellectual weight as JKS assembles all the ropey drones, unlicensed samples & lo-res murk you’ve come to expect.

    In a text taken from The Internet Of Our Dreams, Rourke discusses Philip K Dick’s strange and intriguing evocations of entropy and decay that appear in a number of his books and stories, & the curious nature of speculative imaging technology in Ridley Scott’s PKD adaptation Blade Runner.

    //// / //// / / / // / / // / / / / // / / / / / / // // / // / / / / / / / //// / / / / / / / // // / / / / //// / // / ///// // / // / / / /

    loose_connections is a half hour content solution produced by Jimmy Kipple Sound for the utopian Basic.fm.

    Daniel Rourke is a writer/artist, educator and digital marauder. His work is concerned with re-articulating the digital in light of current debates surrounding posthumanism, and is predominantly realised through critical fabulations that treat everyThing as a science fiction. Find him at machinemachine.net and @therourke.

    //// / //// / / / / // / / / / / // / / // / / // / / / / // / / / / / / // // / // / / / / / / / //// / / / / / / / // // / / / / //// / //

  12. Heavy Metal Grave" by Roofhare (Kees de Groot)

    I recorded a variety of metallic object sounds in my house and used these recordings in Molekular (NI) in one take.

    As I was doing the recording of this piece I had feelings related to the MH17 crash come into my heart unexpectedly. I decided to dedicate this track to all the 298 victims who died in a metal tube in the sky. 

    I am glad I found some creative expression, even by accident, for feelings that have been mulling around. I know these feelings now just a little better.


  13. windfall on the liz berg show (wfmu)

    image WFMU’s Liz Berg Show from 6/27/2014

    Few things are more awesome (or cool or hot or sick or tight or quiche or jelly or whatever euphemism you use to say “yes!”) than getting played on WFMU. In this case, my track Windfall (also at the Free Music Archive) spun midway through the June 27th episode of the Liz Berg show, which airs on FMU every Monday morning from 9 to noon. Berg’s show is…

    Fist-pumping, air-drumming freeform mayhem. Caffeinated rock, experimental pop, oddball beats, and novelties.

    In a burst of wonderful synchronicity, the show opened with a track called Cerulean by The Electric Amygdala, a nom-de-plume of Canadian producer, musician and sound artist (and good friend) Lee Rosevere.

    The Electric Amygdala | Cerulean
    FP | Trace
    Deadly Combo | Basement Music (Up In The Attic Instrumental)
    Walt Thisney | Holy Chao
    Nicky Apple | Some Foods Live in Cans, It’s Sad
    Westy Reflector | Windfall
    VYVCH | Barely Baked
    Miami Slice | Solid Gold
    No Loli-Gagging | Tokyo Beat
    Ergo Phizmiz | Holiday
    Ed Schrader’s Music Beat | No Fascination
    Tunnel of Love | Troglodyte Blues

  14. Cloud Piano (2014)
    David Bowen

    This installation plays the keys of a piano based on the movements and shapes of the clouds. A camera pointed at the sky captures video of the clouds. A MaxMSP patch uses the video of the clouds in real-time to articulate a robotic device that presses the corresponding keys on the piano. The system is set in motion to function as if the clouds are pressing the keys on the piano as they move across the sky and change shape. The resulting sound is generated from the unique key patterns created by ethereal forms that build, sweep, fluctuate and dissipate in the sky.

    This installation was commissioned by L’assaut de la Menuiserie, Saint-Etienne, France and completed with support from the Visualization and Digital Imagining Lab and Weber Music Hall, University of Minnesota.

  15. Reverse engineered dance scores via the 134th Disquiet Junto project.

    “Compose music to accompany one minute of a dance video by Cori Marquis”:

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